STARDUST is Landing!

Any one hitting a festival or Ibiza this year will be planning their outfits, hairstyles (and welly choices if you’re staying in the UK)


Whether you’re going for a Boho look or something a little different (think Kendall Jenner at Coachella) then we’re sure your wanting to add a little sparkle to the proceedings!

kendall jenner glitte rhair


Glitter and Festivals go together like pea’s and carrots – so we wanted to bring you something that you and your besties could buy, swap and share and create a look all of your own.

So we created STARDUST – This Festival Gem will ensure you’re ‘Dressed for the Press’.

We want you to throw off your 9-5 and create a festival look that will show the fearless, spirited, expressive personality your really are (well, for the weekend anyway)



Our STARDUST can be used to give you many different looks –

For an Ibiza inspired Zoo Project look, use STARDUST by Beauty Boulevard on your face and body.

For a more Festival Glam look, use it in your hair or as part of your manicure.

The application of Stardust is simple:

For Glitter Hair, Face & Body, simply apply the binding gel to the desired are using the handy little applicator brush.

Then use the now damp applicator brush to pick up the glitter form the pot and apply directly to skin.

Layer up different colours, create ombrè effects and have fun creating your very own look.

festival face glitter

So Stardust is finally available for Pre-order – We only have a limited amount of stock available, so pre-order it now and receive a free Glitter Lips Tote Bag!


Supernova-BoxWe endeavour to get your STARDUST to you by 30th June (hopefully before), but we will keep informed of the status of your order.

Pre- order yours here :