Millie Kendall

Glitter lips and the Beauty Blvd brand was launched over 3 years ago by us – Hello we are Paula & Rachel!

In that short space of time we have been on such an amazing journey!

Today, we are celebrating International Women’s Day, and would like to introduce you to some of the inspirational women entrepreneurs that we have met along the way.

Some of these ladies have been key to the successful launch of our business, some have helped continuously support us and our brand, and others we met whilst starting out and have grown together – although all very different women, they all hold a very special place in our hearts.

We just wanted to show you who these fantastic women are, and let you know that although starting out on your own can be daunting, you can do it through handwork, determination and never taking no for an answer.

Lets Start at the beginning…

Please meet the fabulous  Millie Kendall – retail expert and beauty industry guru who introduced Japanese cosmetic brand Shu Uemura to the European market and launched Aveda in 1997.

Millie then set up her own product line, Ruby & Millie, with makeup artist Ruby Hammer.

Not content with this string of successes, Millie also was awarded an MBE and now co-owns the iconic BeautyMART alongside the very sassy Anna-Marie Solowij (who is non other than the ex-beauty editor of Vogue).

Millie and Anna were the first to spot the potential of our glittery little product.  We had been in to The Topshop Oxford Street branch of BeautyMART (whilst wearing Glitter Lips) and the sales ladies loved how they looked.  They sent over some images to Millie and Anna and we went to see them.  We hit it off with these two fabulous ladies and a few months later, they launched Glitter Lips by Beauty Blvd in-store.

Millie was 23 when she started her first business. “It was a total accident, I had no intention of setting up a company but it was the only way to work for more than one beauty brand”.

She said the best advice she ever received was from her Dad – ‘He told me never to put off till tomorrow, what I would have done today. I am the total opposite a procrastinator, I am uber motivated and often TOO Impulsive so I need 24 hrs to think things through according to my Padre.”

Millie inspires us, so we asked her who her inspiration’s were – “Oh gosh, Debbie Harry, Anna Marie Solowij. For their resilience, beliefs, style and ultimately their class”.

Working for yourself requires a massive amount of self motivation, so how does Millie stay motivated?

“I often wonder this myself, not sure, could say my kids but I was like this as a teenager. Just raw drive really. I have a fantasy to change the beauty industry into one that doesn’t prey on insecurity and I guess this is in part why I do what I do.”

Millie’s advice advice to anyone looking to start up on their own is “Have broad shoulders, a wicked sense of humour and be able to operate on 4 hrs sleep”. (She isn’t kidding- oh well, sleep is overrated anyway!).

Anna And Millie

Millie and Anna-Marie – Co-founders of BeautyMART.







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