Halloween Tutorial: SPIRITLESS SKULL

Love this Halloween classic but want a little more glamour? We can help! Follow these steps to recreate MUA Steph Doull’s crystal skull

Step 1. Apply foundation.

The Eyes

Step 2. Create skull sockets with face paint. Use a black paint to line the outsides of the sockets with a large circle round each eye. Fill in the socket with Mattitude in shade Summer Sessions.

Step 3. Add small semi circles surrounding the eye socket (as seen in the picture). You can leave these black or add a white dot in each semi-circle to make them stand out more.

Step 4. Add a cat eye with black liquid or gel liner and Lash Unlimited Lashes DBL 1 to stop the eyes being “lost” in the dark sockets.

The Face

Step 5. Using the black paint again, draw out a hollow skull nose.

Step 6. Apply plenty of blush along the cheekbones and up towards the temples.

The Glitter

Step 7. Apply Glitter Lips in shade Molly Dolly mixed with some Sparkling Rosé for added shimmer.

Step 8. Apply Stardust in shade Babylon Zoo around temples and extend onto cheekbone. Remember: for every sale of a Stardust kit in shade Babylon Zoo we donate £2 to Coppafeel!

Step 9. Apply On the Rocks Face Jewels in style Elizabeth (003) onto forehead, and add the smaller pieces below the eye sockets.

Step 10. Last but not least… Draw the “teeth” with black liquid or gel liner by extending the mouth outwards in line with the outer corner of the eye. Add shorter and thinner perpendicular lines to create the teeth.

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