Halloween Tutorial: KILLER CLOWN

Did “IT” ruin clowns for you forever? Don’t fear! This glam clown look by MUA and influencer Madalyn Davis is too glittery to resist ?

The Eyes

Step 1. Fill in brows with Mattitude in shade Vicious. Carve out with concealer.

Step 2. Create a spotlight eyeshadow using a purple/mauve shadow and blend in some Vicious with a fluffy brush as a transition shade.

Step 3. Use a fluffy brush to blend Vicious underneath the eyes down to the top of the cheekbone.

Step 3. Create a cat eye using a black liquid or gel eyeliner and blend out on the bottom lash line.

Step 4. Using the same liquid or gel eyeliner, draw a thin triangle above the eyebrows and an upside down triangle under the eyes.

The Lips

Step 5. Line lips with black eyeliner and extend corners outwards into a “Joker” smile

Step 6. Fill in lips with Mattitude in shade “Vicious”, blending into the black eyeliner.

Step 7. On top of the Mattitude, layer Glitter Lips in shade Forbidden. (For more tips on how to apply Glitter Lips, please click here).

The Neck

Step 8. Draw out a “clown collar” using a white pencil eyeliner and Mattitude in shade Vicious around the front of the neck

Step 9. Fill in the lines with a foundation brush using Mattitude and a white face paint.

Step 10. Apply On the Rocks Body Jewel in style Jade (017) to centre of chest below the “collar”.

Step 10. Apply Stardust in shades Cosmic Child and Supernova beneath the “collar” across the chest and shoulders. Apply a few specks of glitter to top and bottom of eyeliner triangles in small circles.

Step 8. Apply Lash Unlimited Lashes in style #4

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