Halloween Tutorial: DAMNED DEMON

Feeling devilish? This simple Demon Halloween makeup by MUA and influencer Madalyn Davis is perfect for you!

The Base

Step 1. Apply a base foundation 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin tone and blend. Sculpt face with a grey toned contour shade along cheekbones and jawline.

Step 2. Fill in eyebrows as usual with your chosen brow product.

The Eyes

Step 3. Create a cat eye by lining top lash line with a black liquid or gel liner

Step 4. Apply black pencil liner to top and bottom water lines. Blend bottom lash line down to create a smudged shadow effect.

Step 5. Use Mattitude in Shade Damn Fine and an eyeliner brush to apply a thin red line surrounding the previous black cat flick – this is very precise so it may be easier to rest your elbow on a surface.

Step 6. Using Mattitude again, blend the red shade into the bottom lash line to create a bloodshot effect.

Step 7. Using a fine brush, take a small amount of Mattitude from the applicator and draw vein lines beneath the eye – don’t be afraid to extend down the cheek!

Step 8. Apply Lash Unlimited Lashes in style #7

The Glitter

Step 9. Now for the finishing touch; apply Glitter Lips in shade Ruby Slippers! (For more tips on how to apply Glitter Lips, please click here).

And thats it! A stunning last minute Halloween look in just 9 simple steps ?

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