Glitter Love – Individual pots of Glitter gorgeousness!

These little pots of glitter happiness aren’t just for your lips, on no!
They can be used for:
1) Creating powerful eye makeup for just a hint of sparkle when you blink.
2) Used in conjuction with our Festival Face Stencil Kits, you can create a look all of your own. Use just one colour, several, or cocktail them together to get a totally individual colour!
3) Glitter Love can be used on your nails, with gel or nail polish, and as a full glitter or just a sprinkling on the tips.
4) To add just a little touch of glamour on a night out, style your hair, spray with hair spray and sprinkle a colour of your choice alond the lengths of your hair. All you need to do then is set with another spray of hairspray and voila! – Glitter Hair. For a more obvious look that is great for festivals – apply a clear hair gel to your hair, pat, comb or sprinkle the gel on top – and you’re goof to go!
5) If you already have a Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard kit, then you can buy Glitter Love to increase your Glitter Lips collection. Mix them together to make a whole new colour, create an ombre look or share them with your friends!
Glitter Love pots are only £6.50! Get yourself a selection and get creative!glitter love boxes