Easy Guide to Bag-Free, Glowing Under-Eyes

Unexpected item in the under-eye area? Don’t worry! Our Divine Hydra-Gel Eye Masks will remove all signs of eye baggage and leave your skin smooth and radiant.


Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Carefully pop on the masks under each eye, reaching as far as the outer corners.

Smooth the masks gently to ensure optimal contact with the skin.


Chill with a tea/coffee/hot chocolate/wine for approximately 20 minutes.

If you’re feeling extra relaxed, the masks can be worn for up to 2 hours – just enough time to catch up on Netflix.


We recommend the KiraKira+ app to capture the gorgeous sparkles.

Remember to tag us @BeautyBLVDUK?


Gently peel the mask off from the edges. No need to rinse – massage any excess serum into the skin.

And BOOM! Glowing, smooth and moisturised under eyes in four simple steps! ✨

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