Coming Soon… Molten Metal Glitter Eyeshadow

This week marks a new chapter in Beauty BLVD history. After 5 years of focusing on making your lips drink proof, kiss proof and party proof with Glitter Lips, Mattitude and Diamond Lip Gloss, we are (finally!) launching 6 products equally as gorgeous for your eyes.

You asked, we delivered.

Inspired by the glittering and show stopping coverage of Glitter Lips, Molten Metal Glitter Eyeshadow provides a stunning sparkling, metallic finish in a lightweight, liquid formula.

Glitter, made easy.

Molten Metal Liquid Eyeshadow is designed for both makeup artists AND us normal folk who take 4 hours to draw a sort-of-symmetrical cat eye. The wand applicator makes it super easy to apply a flawless cut crease or blend the glitter out for the perfect smokey eye. The liquid formula means that your makeup won’t budge, no matter how much dancing, partying or (God forbid) exercise you plan to do.

Different Day, Different Shade

Inspired by Medieval Queens, Molten Metal Glitter Eyes is available in 6 beautiful shades.

  • Melisant, a rich gunmetal grey
  • Ysmeina, a beautiful and illuminating gold
  • Emelisse, a warm and fiery copper
  • Seraphina, a subtle and delicate rose gold
  • Arabella, a cool and striking silver
  • Adelize, a mysterious and sultry cool brown

Tune in on Friday for the launch, but until then, check our our Insta for some inspo.

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