Can it be festival season all year round?

So we definitely are talking for everyone when we are saying that festival season is the best season of them all?! Who doesn’t love the excitement of outfit planning and seeing how many miniature toiletries you can fit into your bag and trying to find ways of sneaking in more? But….. obviously us here at Beauty Boulevard would say that out of all of the preparations, planning your makeup looks and Glitter is THE MOST exciting stage. The more glitter the better is our moto.
We live for being able to show of our fabulous On The Rocks and Stardust – now is the season for these to shine!
Achieving these looks is so easy with our Stardust, which comes with everything you need to apply with. This definitely frees up even more space for our fabulous On The rocks face, body and hair gems which team perfectly with our Stardust.
Our must haves this festival season are: On The rocks: Style 003, 010 and 020! Ever dreamt of being a mermaid or unicorn? Team these Gems up with our Stardust: Pegasus, Supernova, Drops of Jupiter or Neptune to get an amazing timeless festival look that everyone is dreaming of this year. If you’re feeling brave you can also try our On The rocks Style 017… oooo la la.

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