BOOBS!!!! – There, we’ve said it!

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard have been lucky enough to be involved with Kris, Maren and the amazing Coppafeel ladies (AKA the Boobettes) for the past two years.

We watched Kris’s story ‘Dying to Live’ on TV and were moved and compelled to do something to help raise awareness.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Coppafeel, it is a charity founded by Kris Hallenger, to increase awareness of the benefits of checking your boobs. Checking your boobs on a regular basis is a great way to spot any changes in them and it is really quick and simple.

Breast cancer can affect young women (and men) and Kris has made it her mission to educate young people on how to check their boobs – encouraging you to ‘Coppafeel’ #WhatNormalFeelsLike

Here’s a quick diagram of how to do it!


Please check out Kris’s Story here:

We love getting involved with Coppafeel’s fundraising and have been lucky enough to be invited to their annual fundraising festival ‘Festifeel’ for 2 years running.

We decorate peoples, lips faces and in some cases BEARDS in glitter and in return, they donate money to Coppafeel.


They have some very well known celebrities who are patrons of Coppafeel. From Fearne Cotton & Greg James to Dermot O’Leary and Newton Faulkner .

Coppafeel always put on a great festival with live music from the likes of Reef & Danny Howard.

Check out Coppafeel’s guide to checking your boobs and even better – sign up and they will remind you when to check em!

To help raise money for this amazing cause, we will be donating £2 from every sale of our ‘Babylon Zoo’ Stardust shade to Coppafeel – so get your festival glitter on donate to a worthy cause while you’re at it!