10 Facts you didn’t know about St Patricks Day!

Here’s a few little known facts about the man known as St.Patrick! 1)Although he introduced Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, St Patrick wasn’t Irish himself, he was Welsh! 2)St. Patrick is said to have used the humble shamrock as a teaching tool. The three-leaved plant was used to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and […]

Shoned Owen from Tanya Whitebits

Glitter Lips have known Shoned for a few years now, she is the MD and creator of ‘Tanya Whitebits’ – a fabulous non-orange, streak free tan. Shoned is a fellow ‘Virgin Media Pioneer’ and has found her success with her own brand tanning range. We regularly see Shoned on the Beauty circuit and love her […]

Surviving Dragons Den…

We were approached by BBC2 Dragons Den, after they had seen our products at various beauty show’s. For any of you who have been to the show, you’ll know that our stand creates mayhem and people queue for hours just to try out the products. They called us and asked if we had thought of […]

STARDUST is Landing!

Any one hitting a festival or Ibiza this year will be planning their outfits, hairstyles (and welly choices if you’re staying in the UK)   Whether you’re going for a Boho look or something a little different (think Kendall Jenner at Coachella) then we’re sure your wanting to add a little sparkle to the proceedings! […]