How do you feel about your lips? This survey shows what British women think about theirs!

As you know here at Beauty Boulevard, it’s all about the LIPS!

We are so obsessed with lips that we needed to know more about your lipstick obsessions, how you feel about your own lips and how wearing lipstick really makes you feel, so….

We decided to conduct a survey in time for National Lipstick Day on 29th July 2017, to reveal how British women feel about their lips!

Survey Shows More Than Half of British Women Love Their Own Lips

  • Beauty Boulevard survey shows while women still admire the fuller celebrity pout, over 50% of the UK embrace the shape of their own lips
  • 35% of women believe that wearing lipstick puts them in a cheerier mood.
  • Over 50% of women wear lipstick to feel better about themselves.

Our new survey reveals that while Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have the nation’s favourite pouts, over half of the population are happy with the shape of their own lips.

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We announced the results from our 2017 survey which looks into the UK woman’s take on the latest lip craze, favourite celebrity lip shape and more – providing a look into today’s lip trends.

Results showed that 13.5% of women voted Angelina Jolie as the owner of the celebrity lips they admire the most, followed by Kylie Jenner at 7.7% and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at 6.6%. Millie Mackintosh came in last, with the least desirable lips, earning just 1.4% of the vote.

The survey taken by 1000 women across the UK also revealed that almost a third of women wear lipstick a few times a week, and almost one fifth of women own over 11 tubes of lipstick! Results also showed that over 90% of women would wear glittery lipstick, with over 16% having sported the look already.

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Lipstick plays an important part in many womens lives and the evidence shows in our research, with 51 percent of women stating that they wear it to feel better about themselves” said Paula Short, our Co-Founder.

It is interesting to see that the most popular feature women look for is that it is long lasting (49%). We are proud to be the originator of Glitter Lips which provides a long-lasting, glittery lip colour that is 100 % party proof! Added Rachel De Caux, our other Co-Founder of Beauty Boulevard.

The survey reveals the following data, based on a poll taken of 1000 women aged 18-45 across the UK:

  • 35% of women say that lipstick puts them in a cheerier mood
  • 20% of women wear lipstick daily and 30% wear it a few times a week compared to 1% who wear it once a year or less than that.
  • 40% of respondents would wear Glitter Lips to festivals with even more willing to wear it on a night out at 58%
  • 50% of UK women prefer their own lip shape to that of a popular celebrity’s, although Angelina Jolie is the most popular choice of those who didn’t at 13%, closely followed by Kylie Jenner with 7%

We hope you enjoyed these facts and figures, keep your eyes peeled for our new range of lip products out at the end of the year!

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