An audience with Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson’s Virgin media Bus!

Four years ago, when Beauty Boulevard was merely a fledgling business, we joined Virgin Media Pioneers.
In our search for advice and support for our start up, we became aware of the VMP network.

It was a great place to give and receive advice and share experiences.

It has to be said that we wouldn’t be where we are today with VMP or the people who are part of it.

Being part of such a dynamic network, really has been a catalyst that helped get our business off the ground.

We won the prestigious ‘Virgin Media Pioneers of the Week’ not long after joining and this lead us to the priceless opportunity of attending V Fest.
Within the Louder Lounge, where celebrities and press hung out, we got to showcase our product ‘Glitter Lips by Beauty Blvd’.
The exposure we gained in the Louder Lounge led us to being stocked in our first major retailer and also a TV appearance of ITV’s This Morning.

Since then, we have also appeared on BBC Dragons Den, and have become even more involved in VMP, sharing the experience in the Den with budding entrepreneurs.

Two weeks ago, we received an invitation to an Exclusive Virgin Media Business Launch Event with Richard Branson……

If I’m honest, we didn’t think it was real, perhaps a scam or some cruel person playing tricks on us… but upon further investigation, it turned out to be the real deal…..

We couldn’t quite believe our luck!
So we (Rachel & Paula) headed on down to London and found ourselves surrounded by some familiar faces – some we had met at V Fest, others we knew through the VMP network.

There was a large Virgin Media bus and a food and drink a plenty.

It was a great chance to catch up with people but also to do some great networking.

We met some amazing people from Paypal, JCDecaux and Linkedin ( who helped us sort our profile pictures out).

We didn’t have to wait long until the man of the moment arrived.
Sir Richard Branson, in an inconspicuous black BMW, pulls up and was all smiles as he greeted people.

We were seated and eagerly waited to hear about the new launch.

Virgin media are trail blazers in everything they do, and this launch was no exception.
Virgin media have now launched an impressive broadband connectivity that gives everyone more connection than they need.

Sir Richard Branson counted down from 5 before pressing a big red button to signal the launch!

Virgin Media Pioneers and #Voom have joined forces to created a bigger and better network to give Startups & Established business the help and advice they need to take their business to the next level.

Sir Richard also took some questions from the crowd of around 100 people, one from our very own Paula – who asked about the best way to protect yourself against people who are trying to replicate your business after the the hard work you have put in.

The Virgin Media bus will be touring the UK & Ireland and is their to help you with your business idea or venture.
Even if it’s just an idea written on a napkin, there are tools and funding available to get it off the ground.

Check out the tour destinations and dates here:

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