Lindsey Kane MD & founder of Lash Unlimited.

One night after a we had been glittering up revellers at one of Global Radio’s Summer Sessions, we left Leicester Square in london to make our way back up North.

We saw a guy getting out of a cab and decided to grab it.  The gentleman getting out of the taxi was non-other than comedian Russell Kane.

We recognised him and strangely enough he recognised us from Dragons Den!

We had a chat with him and he mentioned that his wife Lindsey Kane,was a celebrity makeup artist and had just launched her own brand of false lashes (and was also obsessed with Dragons Den).

We exchanged details and contacted Lindsey about collaborating for some social media marketing.

When we got to meet Lindsey we instantly loved her, she has a great brand, fantastic products and like us, she was very down to earth.

She is continuously creating products that she knows the industry is craving.

Her company is called Lash Unlimited and has a massive celebrity following (just check out her Facebook).

We regularly exhibit at the same beauty shows as Lindsey and she has a really great attitude towards goal setting and achieving.

We wanted to get the low down on her and her advice on starting up on your own.

Tell us what made yo start up on your won?

1) I have always had a passion to work for myself and not have to answer to anyone. I was always obsessed with makeup and trained to be a MUA at 21 as I loved being creative. I was always searching for gaps in the market and what I wanted as a MUA and as a lashoholic, I was bored of the generic lash styles in the shops and I knew I could provide amazing quality, large variety of lashes at great prices. Lash Unlimited was born 2 years ago when I was 28.

2) what was the best advice you have been given?

Be Persistent. Never give up and always keep going. You will get there….eventually! I truly believe that the people who do not give up always seem to get where they want to be in life because they are persistent and if they come across a hurdle, they look at it as a challenge and find a way to sort it!

3) Who inspires you?

I love listening to peoples stories on how they started their business. I find it inspiring to think someone can create a successful business from their bedroom. I really enjoy listening to how profitable businesses started, why they started and just generally taking in any information to help me learn in the business world.

4) What keeps you motivated?
My family keep me motivated, Especially my husband who always helps to push my lashes on anyone who will listen. It is so important to have good support network around you that can help give advice, or even cook a meal when you are too busy.
5)What’s your advice to anyone looking to start up on their own?
Do your research. That is key. There are so many rules and regulations. Especially in the cosmetic world. it is vital to make sure you comply with all the laws and making products safe. So many people think they can set up a business selling a product and that it is easy – just buy and sell, but it is so much more work. Ooh… and always keep a notebook by your side to jot down any ideas or jobs to do!





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